Every strong writer is—first—a reader.

The secret to writing with conviction, style, and ease starts with reading great stories. Writer's Desk's online courses are built around the must-reads of American literature.

Our online classes give you the skills and the cultural foundation to craft compelling college applications and complete coursework at the world’s most competitive universities. You’ll develop advanced competency and critical-thinking skills, markedly elevating your English reading, writing, and speaking.

Writer’s Desk online classrooms combine three essential elements for your success.
Top-Tier Curriculum

Artfully crafted, culturally relevant lesson plans built by English-language experts and taught by certified teachers.

College Writing Readiness

A thorough preparation for writing projects and exams at the most selective colleges in the U.S.

Engaging Online Experience

A flexible online learning environment that’s rigorous, fun, and easy to use.

With Writer’s Desk, you select the remote learning environment that works for you.

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    Teacher-Led Online Courses: fully-structured coursework taught by a dedicated instructor.
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    Self-Guided Online Courses: guided lessons completed on your own schedule.

Whichever method you choose, you'll receive valuable resources and writing assignments that help you build skills.

Each Writer’s Desk online course is powered by BenchPrep.

We use the same cloud-based learning platform trusted by the Princeton Review for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT prep courses to deliver the best online learning experience.