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Photo of Susan Neitlich and Matthew Broder
Photo of Madeleine and Emma Broder
The Broder-Neitlich writing team: from left to right, Susan Neitlich and Matthew Broder, and their children, Madeleine and Emma Broder (with Madeleine's dog, Rugby).

My name is Madeleine Broder, and I have learned over the years, from my family and my education, that strong writing leads to success. After graduating from Choate Rosemary Hall and Yale University, I followed my passion for writing and teaching to help students around the world strengthen their own skills. With my family--all professional writers and educators--I created Writer's Desk, a suite of online writing course offerings.

Writing has been a part of our family for decades. My grandfather was a national political journalist who wrote many books and instilled in me a love for this creative form and the doors storytelling can open. My parents love to write as well and built their professional lives around this craft. Watching my mother edit my stories on printed sheets of paper and listening to my father advocate for longer-form writing, even in today’s climate, bring me joy and give me confidence that we can use our writing to connect and grow. I always feel at home expressing myself in words, and I have relished passing that gift on to my students.

We are proud that our love of writing connects us to students around the world. Our family’s writing and teaching in China dates back to the 1970s. United through our stories, we hope to teach writing to students in every country one day.

Please come join the Writer’s Desk family.

Throughout the Years
Matthew Broder image China
Matthew, working as an English teacher, age 22, sitting with his students at the University of Wuhan (1981 to 1982).
Madeleine Broder in China
Madeleine, age 15, travelling in China on an exchange trip between Yali Middle School and The Foote School (2006).