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Writer's Desk Tutoring

One-on-one learning for students who want to develop
advanced English-language skills.

One-on-One English Instruction

Writer’s Desk’s team of expert teachers, writers, and tutors provides online tutoring for students who want to take their English reading, writing, and speaking skills to the next level. Work with a tutor who understands your goals and tailors the coursework to fit your learning style.
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Admissions Essay Editing

At elite high schools, colleges, and universities, strong admissions essays set you apart from other applications. The Writer's Desk editing team has in-depth knowledge of the high school, college, and graduate school essay evaluation process. By working together to shape your essay, you’ll come away with a polished piece that helps you stand out.
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What our students are saying!

"Madeleine is an essay writing guru. She placed importance on getting to know me and was extremely effective in helping me express my thoughts and portray my personality through the essay. It was an absolute pleasure working with her."
S. Munoz
College Student
"It was truly an outstanding experience working with Madeleine. She instilled confidence in me the whole way and assured me that I would feel great once all of my work was completed. The college application process would have definitely been much more of a challenge to accomplish had I not had Madeleine’s support."
C. Marin
College student accepted at Cornell University and Georgetown University